3121 day 15: Working 3121 by @ruthlesdva

Day 15 of the 3121 themed #PrinceTwitterThread series: VIP thread ‘Working 3121‘ by @ruthlesdva.

Contributor @darlingnisi intro’d me to these 💜nerd tweets. I hot-tubbed time-machined back to an era of no 💤 3121 was a manifestation of Ps vision. You’re wondering, “New phone, who dis?” Yeah, me too. A bit abt my nearly 7 yr shadow/Manchurian candidate existence: PA ↗️ Mgr:

🎵usicology-3121-Vegas/Rio Res-SuperBowl-Planet🌍-Roosevelt Res-UK/21Nights Res-Coachella-Lotus🌺-Partial 20ten-4 protégés-4 moves-1 PP remodel, etc… Whew! Still tired. Not sure of my legitimacy? Funny. ME TOO! Some Proof: CR video, Bourne Premiere, GAoC Gala, c. London 2007

Perhaps ya heard abt me in these stories: Questlove’s finding Nemo:

and moi fanagling an MJ and P meet n greet in Vegas:

or maybe you’ve seen me here in the 21 Nights coffee table book by P&Randee ‘08

Or you might’ve caught a glimpse of my big head @ the 2007 Golden Globes (thanks for the find, KaNisa!) Sorry for obnoxious proof of life overkill—ppl are skeptical. Welcome vetting/fact checking. Do my best to stay impartial, sometimes successfully.😆Info based on convos/email

When opining, it’s merely that. Pls note when relating views, it’s based on convos @ the time, taken @ face value. He could change his mind (sometimes just to mess w/me). 😂 Have🧾for most, if not all. Do my best to be careful w/what is said in regards to how he felt. It’s a…
…fine line conveying sentiment w/nuance v. speaking for him. After Musicology whirlwind, we tucked n rolled into LA move, recording, parties, videos, perfume, residencies, movies, protégées, PP remodel… Dude recorded nonstop. I’d have 3-4 songs daily to transcribe from swirly
…handwritten notes or tracks. He was going 2 do a messy funk album; once he saw the 3121 house, changed his mind
Can’t go quite as deep as others but hope you enjoy a tidbit here and there. So many stories. And thus began the great 3121 period:
3121: created @ PP Fall ‘04. Wanted 2move to LA—asked me to find a house and that was the address: Barbi Benton’s home. Everything 3121 spawned: The Movie: extension of Million Days. Music sequences fantastic, story—HOT mess. IE? Script was written as they went along. NO NO NO!!

LOLITA: He was getting some heat abt hanging out w a certain person. Song in response to that as well as part of the movie.👁@darlingnisi thread: accurate. In song she says, “buy me a dress”. Dude had expensive friends.😆(dress in pic). Some of movie footage shot @ Hotel Figueroa
TE AMO: Recorded @ PP ‘05. He asked me how to say, “I love you, baby” in Spanish. Baby doesn’t translate well—instead “sweetheart” sounded better, hence the title. Where’s my writer’s cred, who do I ask for this? Rude 😆 Afshin enlarged fountain pics per P to be hung as wall art ImageImageImage
BLACK 💦:✍🏽 ‘04 during tour, based on how hard brotha worked as well as another tidbit to be shared later. While music transcended race/gender/culture, he stood for Black ppl/issues. Was proud to be a Black visionary/artist/activist based on our convos. Always top of mind subject
INCENSE & 🕯: Would whip up what P called a “witches brew” of oils based on Miles album not my personality…🤔Created a “mood” for these parties. Ppl complimented us by having 👶🏽. Seriously, ppl got pregnant after these parties.✍🏽 in LA, ‘05 after GG 🎉 comments by gushing VIPs
LOVE: ✍🏽 ‘04, recorded ‘05 @ PP. Kinda all there in the lyrics. Rented out @moonlightskatin (👁 Quest’s story link) @DJRASHIDA would spin. Presume the outro of “bounce, skate” came from youth reminiscing outings. He was a badass on them light up roller ⛸

SATISFIED: ✍🏽 @ original 3121, possibly recorded in “cloud room” (see pic) not sure have to double check.The house pictured in the 3121 CD is Boozer’s home (his recollection not quite accurate). Most of 3121 and Tamar’s album written at first house & PP.

FURY: @SNL version is 🔥🔥!! I pissed him off—wasn’t my fault, but still… you’re welcome. (Sorry @MayaRudolph he adored you.) Lot of drama around that time from all sides. Also, lyrically correct. The electricity was palpable. Cast and crew amazing

THE WORD: He was still proselytizing his faith during this period (even at parties) and this was a part of that (using music as far-reaching ministry). Song also layered w/what was happening during that time
BL&B: PP ‘04. Seemed to morph a bit and a last min add to album. Abt 20 songs written/recorded by the time he met Tamar. Changed concept, used songs he had (His version of RED HEADED STEP CHILD IS 🔥). Proj didnt work out. Later repeated process wBria Valente, released hers w/his
THE DANCE: 💃🏻 My favorite. Probably abt several people or none. But at least one. I know theres an earlier version but the add’l lyrics are very angsty. Our hero was a deep, romantic poet and those last lines geared at a specific person. 🤷🏻‍♀️ recorded at PP I believe. 👀@deejayumb
GET ON THE⛵️: P was in the throes of latin culture w/new foraging friendships, music, shows,etc.@SheilaEdrummer was a mainstay during this period. A celebratory song w all his homies being of one accord, and a wee bit of witnessing in lyrics. Last min addition. 👁@EdgarKruize
We had a grand vision/lifestyle concept that broke into several albums. Not all brought to fruition but ALL in the works: movie, high end clothing/shoes, magazine, radio show, perfume/candles, books,TV show, art exhibit/museum, sustainable/music schools aka 3121 THE BRAND/ERA 🙏🏽
🙏🏽 @deejayumb @EdgarKruize for allowing my “non-cents” worth of ancedotes.😬 Enjoyed reading (y’all were deep!) Special 🙏🏽 @darlingnisi who intro’d me to some amazing ppl. To those that keep his stories in the ether: 🤗 . He would’ve really dug it. This has been My 21 Tweets, 💜

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